What is this?

Smigo is a garden planner for vegetables and flowers. It will give you advice about companion planting and crop rotation. You can also share your plan with your friends. Have look at the vegetable garden planner comparison to see what features is supported.

How does it work?

1. Select a plant in the left column by clicking on it.
2. Click somewhere in the grid. Now you have added your first plant.
3. Add more plants until your grid equals your garden.
4. Register and share your plan with friends.
View an example or watch the tutorial

How do I add a species that is not in the list?

Type in the name of the species in the search box. If no species was found a "add link" will appear. Clicking the link will add and select your new plant.

How do I delete a plant?

Hold shift and click square or click the "delete square"-button and then click the square.

Is it for free?

Yes it is free and open source. Code available on GitHub.

How is Smigo related to the desktop application Kitchen Garden Aid?

Both applications are a vegetable garden planners with the aim to help gardeners plan their plots. They share the same idea of planning your garden in squares and get advice on crop rotation and companion planting. They also sync their species data which mean you can switch between them fairly easy. Kitchen Garden Aid is a desktop application and Smigo is the web application equivalent. This means you can use Smigo with any Windows computer, Mac, iPad, tablet, Android or iOS and you don't have to download any software.

What is companion planting?

Companion planting is a method of the planting of crops close to each other for pest control, better taste, maximize use of space and overall growing conditions. Companion planting can be very complex and difficult to implement correctly. Smigo is an attempt to simplify these rules.

What is crop rotation?

Crop rotation is the practice of growing a different types of crops in the same spot each new season. The main benefit of doing crop rotation is that it prevents pathogens and pests buildup that often occurs when one species is grown on the same place again and again but it can also improve soil structure and fertility by alternating deep-rooted and shallow-rooted plants.

What is Square foot gardening?

Square foot gardening is a method of dividing the growing area into small squares.

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