Garden planning

Smigo is a free and simple vegetable garden planner where you can design a layout of your garden online, assist with companion planting and crop rotation. Free, open source and easy to use. Support for all platforms including iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Mac.

Start planning your garden now


No need to download or install software. Smigo is web based app that works on all platforms. The only thing you need is a computer, a phone or a tablet with internet connection.

The planner

Design a layout plan of your kitchen garden. Choose from hundredes of vegetables in our database or add your own with one easy click. As you add more beds, the grid expands. Smigo works great with square foot gardening.

vegetable garden layout


Free and Open Source so you can view the source code to this app, add your own changes and participate in the developement. Code available at Github

Available in other languages like Spanish, German and Swedish. Partially translated to French, Romanian and Czech.


Quick video tutorial on how to use Smigo.